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Let me guess, yesterday’s workout was full of deadlifts. Whether the workout had a lot of reps, heavy weights, or a combination of the two, you woke up this morning moving a bit slower and you’re dealing with some aching and low back soreness after these deadlifts. As specialists in treating fitness athletes, we’re CONSTANTLY asked questions about dealing with low back soreness after deadlifts. We love sharing was to relieve it, check ou these movements! 

***DISCLAIMER: if you’re dealing with more than a bit of muscle soreness and you think you may have an actual injury, please jump on the schedule to book an assessment for actual relief and an individualized plan for your issue.*** 


You may be familiar with the cat/cow exercise? If so, this one is similar but the emphasis is on stretching the low back extensors (these are the muscles that often have the most soreness after deadlifts). The nice thing about using a band for this exercise is that you can get a bit more specific to what are of your low back is feeling the tightest or most sore. 


Here is another great way to mobilize your lower back that very few athletes seem to utilize. Use that bottom hand to pin your knee down while your other hand holds your ribs and help pull your back down towards the bench. While you’re doing this stretch, make sure you exhale to sink deeper into rotation. Repeat both directions. 


Whether the rower, ski erg, bike erg, or the dreaded echo bike is your jam, often just getting your heart rate up with some intervals will help you buffer the low back soreness you get from deadlifts.

Your goal here isn’t to go all out and hit an actual workout level interval session, just to slightly elevate your heart rate enough to help you clear the soreness. Our advice is to go at a pace where you can still carry a conversation, but just barely 🙂

Here’s an example workout we’d use to help:

5 Rounds
-3 minutes easy
-2 minutes moderately easy
-1 minute moderate
*Rest 1 minute between rounds. 

If you’re dealing with more than some low back soreness after deadlifts, schedule an appointment so we can get you back to performing at your best! Our physical therapy clinic in Hendersonville, TN specializes in helping fitness athletes get back to using the barbell and helping deal with the tweaks that come up during training!